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Statistics Essays - Public Opinion, Survey Methodology, Opinion Poll

Measurements 1) From the perusing that I've been doing on surveying it appears that everything has some impact on the outcomes. It appears as though a large portion of the surveying inclinations originate from the inquiry and the examiner. On the off chance that the inquiry drives you to consider something different, regardless of whether it be sure or negative, it can change the consequences of the appropriate response. On the off chance that the individual gathering information has an assessment of the inquiry they can shape the result. Additionally the sexual orientation of the individual gathering information can change the appropriate response. Additionally, once in a while if individuals aren't totally certain they may very well say what's on the head of their psyche without giving it any genuine thought. In any event, something as moment as the hour of day can impact a survey. On the off chance that you call somewhere in the range of 5:30 and 9:00 you forget about everybody that needs to work during that time. Numerous individuals would prefer truly not to set aside the effort to answer surveys so the outcomes just originate from the individuals who are happy to take an interest. 2) So as to expel the predisposition surveyors have embraced numerous new surveying procedures. They attempt to gather information via phone so they don't have physical contact with the individual they are surveying. This is acceptable in light of the fact that then any previously established inclinations about race, or way of life are not brought into play. It is a burden once in a while on the grounds that you depend on the individual on the opposite stopping point to give exact data about themselves, or they may answer contrastingly relying upon whether it's a man or lady posing the inquiries. Likewise with phone surveys they utilize an irregular number generator to get telephone numbers. This is acceptable on the grounds that it gives the most arbitrary gathering of telephone number, and yet it can give quantities of individuals who might be aloof of the subject or don't communicate in English all around ok to address the inquiry. Surveyors attempt to organize the inquiries with the goal that one doesn't impact the other. This is acceptable on the grounds that it assists cut with bringing down on impromptu reactions. The disservice is that except if you just have one inquiry it tends to be almost difficult to mastermind inquiries in a request that is absolutely fair-minded. Science

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Fences: Black People and Troy States Essay

â€Å"We dark men have a hard enough time in our own battle for equity, and as of now have enough foes for what it's worth, to commit the extraordinary error of assaulting one another and adding more weight to an effectively unendurable burden. † (Malcolm X) African American men through time have battled for a force that is out of their span since others hold the force. August Wilson’s Fences shows a Psychological/Psychoanalytic methodology by enlightening the inalienable shamefulness in America’s treatment of African American guys and the manners by which this bigotry influences and attacks the cultural units †the family. The customary spouse wife and father-child clashes are docile to the plays conversation of bigotry. Wall is a show that centers around the qualities of dark life in a little neighbor in 1957 and the strains of society of the Maxson family. The play shows how the primary character battles against his harsh past and his current environmental factors, and when he attempts to recover the force in his life, he falls flat, and winds up cutting down other with him. The hero, Troy Maxson is a fretful junk gatherer and previous baseball player for the Negro League. In the play, Fences, Troy’s past directs the sort of man he is today. His dad, an oppressive fruitless tenant farmer, has majorly affected Troy. Troy states, â€Å"But I’ll state this for him†¦he felt a duty toward us. † (1310; all page references are to class content Literature an Introduction to Reading and Writing, fifth ed. ) This remark is the one beneficial thing that Troy needs to state about his dad. In spite of his father’s unpleasantness, he felt a feeling of obligation toward his family. After an episode with his dad beating him oblivious, Troy ventured out from home at fourteen years old (Wilson 1311). Leaving the harsh principle of his dad ought to have presented to Troy a sentiment of opportunity, however Troy found the specific inverse. Troy found that there were no employments or spots for blacks to live so he started taking to endure. He met a lady and got her pregnant with his first child. Lyons. The duty burdened him since now he had two additional mouths to take care of (Wilson 1311). To deal with his family, he kept on taking which finished him prison for a long time and this is the place he figured out how to play baseball. Troy Maxson was an extraordinary baseball player, at any rate as indicated by his companion Bono. In spite of the fact that he played splendidly for the â€Å"Negro Leagues†, when that blacks were permitted into the Major League Troy was excessively old. In Troy’s self-made fantasy, he accepts that he would have made it to the Major League on the off chance that it were not for the shade of his skin (Wilson 1292). Since he never earned the acknowledgment or the cash, which he believed he merited, the conversation of pro athletics will regularly send him into a tirade. In a conversation with Bono and Rose concerning Cory enrollment by a school football crew, Troy states, â€Å"Jackie Robinson wasn’t no one. I’m discussing in the event that you could make a move, at that point they should have allowed you to play. Don’t care what shading you were. † (1. 1. 78). Troy brings up the obtrusive bigotry that kept him from a vocation in the significant classes. He was similarly as acceptable, if worse, than a large number of the white players, but he didn't get a shot. Troy, presently fifty-three, has since quite a while ago resigned from baseball; he gets by for himself and his family as a city worker, and medical attendants his all around earned sharpness. His life has been distorted by white prejudice, and thusly, Troy is powerless to shield himself from twisting his son’s life. On account of the bigotry, Troy has endured throughout everyday life and the turbulent relationship with his dad, Troy attempts to control both is son’s lives. Troy has a low desire for what dark men can do with their lives, and is keeping his children away from acquiring victories that Troy could just dream about getting. Lyons is yearning gifted jazz performer. Lyons jazz playing appears to Troy as an unpredictable and absurd occupation. In the start of Fences, Lyons comes to Troy to obtain ten dollars since he sweetheart Bonnie has a vocation working at the medical clinic. In Troy’s mind, Lyon is flopping in his obligation as a man by not dealing with his lady. Troy addresses Lyons, â€Å"I done scholarly my errors and figured out how to do what’s right it. You despite everything attempting to get something to no end. Life don’t owe you nothing. You deserve it. † (1. 1. 145). The citation is a case of how Troy feels the dark man will never add up to anything in the â€Å"white man’s world†. He likewise attempts to control his child, Cory’s future since he see that he is going down a similar street the Troy was on and was dismissed from. Troy tells his significant other Rose â€Å"The white man ain’t going to let him waste time with the football. † (1. 1. 65). Through racial separation is as yet a gigantic issue in America during the 50s, things have gotten increasingly equivalent, particularly in the realm of sports. Troy anyway is excessively obstinate and unpleasant to concede there has been some advancement. Troy is presently a fifty-multi year old African American male who works for the sanitation division. Troy attempts to pick up power as a man by changing his activity circumstance. Troy goes to his chief, Mr. Rand and asks him â€Å"Why? Why you got white mens driving and the hued lifting? † (1. 1. 10). Troy considers this to be mistreatment, however he realizes that he has a vocation that is granted to both white and dark men, the racial line is till deliberately drawn. He is resolved to cross this line since he can't deal with any racial partialities throughout his life. Troy keeps on describing his battle with his manager to his long-lasting companion, Bono. Troy states, â€Å"You think just white colleagues got sense enough to drive a truck. That ain’t no paper work! † (1. 1. 10). Troy feels that blacks are sufficient to be drivers; he expect that they would not have the option to deal with â€Å"paper† or office occupations. This is another case of how prejudice is settled in to such an extent that dark individuals are somewhat bigot against themselves. Troy’s characters looked for after this activity so as to restore a portion of the force in his life, despite the fact that he doesn't have a permit to drive. He is at long last ready to demonstrate to himself and the individuals around him that he is commendable and similarly in the same class as some other man, including white men. As a dad, Troy feels committed to give the necessities of life, yet he assumes his obligations end there. During a conversation among Cory and Troy, when Cory asked he father, â€Å"How come you never preferred me? † Troy answers, â€Å"You live in my house†¦sleep your behind on my bedclothes†¦fill you midsection up with my food†¦cause you my child. You my fragile living creature and blood. Not cause I like you? Cause it’s my obligation to take care you. † (1. 3. 107). It is away from inheritance of prejudice takes steps to take another age. In any case, he couldn't accommodate his family alone and needed to utilize the terrible wounds of his sibling, Gabriel, a World War II veteran. Troy utilizes this cash to pay for his home. He says, â€Å"If my sibling didn’t have that metal plate in his head†¦I wouldn’t have a pot to pee in or a window to toss it out of. What's more, I’m fifty-three years of age. † (1. 2. 64). He feels overloaded by the blame of utilizing his brother’s decimation as an approach to kick off his own life. He feels like the main explanation he has anything is the way that his sibling life was destroyed. Through he has a caring relationship with his better half Rose, he despite everything strays and finds a lady with which he believes he can be an alternate man. He utilizes this undertaking as an approach to escape from a mind-blowing obligation and the consistent tokens of his inadequacies as a man. When attempting to clarify why he had the illicit relationship he tells Rose, â€Å"I can step out of this house and escape from the weights and problems†¦be an alternate man. I ain’t got the chance to think about how I’m going to cover the tabs or get the rooftop fixed. I can simply be a piece of myself that I ain’t never been. † (2. 1. 98). His issues brings about a child, and he needs Rose to support him, after his fancy woman, Alberta, kicked the bucket. Rose acknowledges the obligation of bringing up this kid, yet she has removed all feeling bonds with Troy. Rose lets him know â€Å"I’ll deal with you infant for you†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢cause†¦ like you say†¦she’s innocent†¦and you can’t visit the transgressions of the dad upon the kid. From right now†¦this youngster got a mother. Be that as it may, you a womanless man. † (2. 3. 4). It is with this demonstration that Troy loses a greater amount of his control and ends up much more weakened than previously. Troy couldn't see that he had power more than one part of his life, yet he was too stressed over demonstrating his value to other people and to himself, that he demonstrated his shamefulness to his own significant other. Troy is an angry casualty of his life’s conditions, a man who has become fenced in from satisfaction by the conviction that he was never paid what he was owed in any right: not from his dad, not from his previous baseball vocation, not from his bosses, and not from his family. Troy attempted to reclaim the force that was taken from him by requesting that his friends and family live useful, mindful lives while he has the opportunity to take part in an extramarital entanglements, oppose supremacist practices of his managers by fighting the restriction of dark laborers as lifters not drivers on the waste trucks. Troy won't see life in any introduced to him however the manner in which he sees occasions in his own head. In the long run, Troy’s demise leaves many negative qualities a legacy for his family to sift through and acknowledge. Wall I. Presentation (4-6 sentences) A. Statement B. Postulation Sentenceâ€The play light up the natural foul play in the America’s t

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Witness 1985 Short Story

Carter didn’t perceive the room he had quite recently woke up in. Confounded he sat up and glanced around, his eyes just pausing for a minute to change in accordance with the faintly lit environmental factors. The room was plain and totally uncovered beside a white work area he sat behind and single light that balanced low from the roof. Seeing an entryway out of his correct eye he went to move for it, at exactly that point seeing the cuffs controlling two hands to where he sat. â€Å"It must be established to the ground†, he thought, in light of the fact that no measure of wriggling for his sake could move it even an inch. â€Å"Goddamit! Where the hellfire am I?† he yelled at the concrete divider before him, filtering the space for whatever may part with his area. He didn’t give off an impression of being harmed separated from a dull pounding at the rear of his head â€the likely wellspring of his obviousness †and a little cut on his lip that filled is mouth with the flavor of salt and rust. His police identification was as yet cut to his shirt and it excessively seemed whole. â€Å"Hey, someone help me! Can anyone here me!† he shouted. â€Å"Keep it together, Carter, he thought. The exact opposite thing I have to do right presently is alarm. What had occurred? His recollections before had woken up here were only a dimness. Shutting his eyes firmly, he attempted to picture where he had been before he had woken up here. The recollections began to stream through the obscurity of his brain, bit by bit framing shapes and pictures until it at long last washed through him like a wave and he could recall. It had begun with a call â€Å"Did you convey the kid’s meeting to Shaefer?† the John had asked from the phone. It was the center of the night and the call had been a reality check for Carter. The Amish kid had been the main observer to a police officer’s murder, however Carter didn’t know why the meeting was so significant. â€Å"Nah I didn’t get around to it,† said Carter drowsily, smothering back a yawn. â€Å"What’s goin’ on man? â€Å"I haven’t got opportunity to explain,† arrived Book’s exasperated voice. â€Å"I need all the administrative work on the Lapp case to vanish. I need it done this evening, do you understand?† â€Å"Do you comprehend what you’re advising me to do, John?† he asked, stunned and now especially alert. â€Å"Just do it, man,† countered Book. â€Å"I’m going to vanish for several days†. â€Å"What’s going on, man?† asked Carter frightened. â€Å"What is happening?† â€Å"I’ll call you when I can,† said Book. â€Å"And be cautious. Schaefer’s in this too†. Book hung up leaving Carter totally amazed. It was one thing for McFee, a regarded opiates analyst, to be associated with this medication plot just as the homicide of an individual official, however now their Chief of Police too. What was he going to do? He went to the station that night to get the documents. The record room was abandoned however that didn’t stop him investigating his should at regular intervals. The paper shredder was holding up in his investigation when he returned home. To Carter it looked progressively like a perilous weapon he was going to carry out some dreadful wrongdoing with. â€Å"What the hellfire am I doing?† he said faintly â€Å"This is against the law.† What amount would he say he was gambling for Book and the Lapps? Going to jail, absolutely, yet maybe something surprisingly more dreadful? He couldn’t help yet think what Schaefer and McFee would do in the event that they discovered. At that point Carter looked down at his identification. Indeed, even topsy turvy he could peruse the metal hued saying engraved into it. â€Å"Protect and serve,â€Å" he said immovably. After a short delay Carter turned on the shredder. â€Å"You owe me one, man,† he murmured to himself as he drove the documents into the machine. The following barely any days at the station were gone through with his head down. Fortunately, without his Book around, Carter was occupied with both of their cases, giving Schaefer just two or three brief chances to examine him. Each time Carter had acted ignorant, Book had up and ran without revealing to him anything. Three evenings in the wake of accepting the call from Book, Carter was gotten out for obligation. The back street was dim and abandoned as he strolled along; covered with broken glass and old papers that rippled exposed night breeze. Carter pulled his jacket more tightly around his body, however I could do nothing to shield him from shivering. A drop of downpour landed quietly on his nose. He had live in Philly long enough to know an episode of thunder and lightning would before long follow, however he was excessively distracted with the tempest seething as far as he could tell to take a lot of notice. He had been shouted to examine one of the ghetto like lofts that filled the rear entryway: a potential crime perpetrator. A robotized light turned on as he halted outside the loft, washing him in its splendor. It occupied him enough so he didn't see the make sense of that progression from the shadows behind him, hearing just a whoosh of air as something substantial was brought down on his head. Clatter! Rattle! Clatter! Carter’s eyes flew open as he heard the sound of moving toward strides. The entryway opened, and in strolled Schaefer followed intently by Mcfee. He anticipated that them should be behind his hijacking, however he thought they most likely had some recruited sidekick take him out. Neither one of the mens were grinning and Carter could feel their eyes shooting slugs at him. Mcfee was holding something overwhelming in two hands, however investigating the shadows Carter couldn't make out what it was. Schaefer approach the work area and looked down on Carter with an exasperated articulation. â€Å"You knew you couldn’t maintain a strategic distance from me forever,† said Schaeffer, gradually revolving around Carter. â€Å"Why don’t you reveal to me where he is, Sergeant? â€Å"You know, don’t you?† Carter gazed forward, barely setting out to relax. â€Å"I simply need to converse with him: make him see sense,† proceeded Schaeffer. â€Å"I know he’s with the Amish. God, I’d successfully observe him now. Would you be able to envision John at a supplication meeting?† he stated, laughing. â€Å"Go to hell,† spat Carter. â€Å"I was apprehensive you may state that,† answered Schaefer. â€Å"Mcfee, bring it over hear†. Mcfee did has he was advised and brought the article over to the table, putting it down with a dull crash. Carter’s stomach fell when he saw what it was. It was a vehicle battery. He was loaded with dread again at the sheer idea of being tormented. He needed to accomplish something, anything, to get away from this destiny. He put forth a valiant effort to keep his levelheadedness. â€Å"It’s called a â€Å"picana† and it can convey twelve thousand volts of electricity†, clarified Schaefer. â€Å"It is extremely difficult, you can confide in me on that, so simply disclose to me where he is so we don’t have be unpleasant.† Carter said nothing, rather looked at him straight without flinching, seeing that Schaefer neglected to meet his look. â€Å"Lost the significance, did you, Paul?† said Carter. â€Å"What,† reacted Schaefer. â€Å"Isn't that what you used to state about filthy cops?† clarified Carter. Incidentally they lost the significance? John educated me concerning it. He additionally revealed to me that you showed him everything being a cop. I surmise you can’t show somebody how to be a scumbag.† Right then and there, Schaefer could see Book sitting before him and he was brought back ten years when John had been recently out of the institute and where he despite everything lived for the law. However, those days were finished. Schaefer hung over the work area towards Carter until his face was just a foot away, shutting out the light, with the goal that Carter could see each wrinkle on his maturing face. â€Å"You can, accept what you like about your valuable legend, John Book, yet he’s no better than the remainder of us.† This could be my opportunity thought Carter. He took a gander at Schaefer for a second and afterward spat a round bundle of spit into his eye. â€Å"You’re not a man,† said Carter. You’re only a useless bit of trash. Carter could see that his remark had hit home. A look of unadulterated despising entered Schaefer’s face and, such as lightning, he pulled out his weapon and pull the trigger. In the brief moment it took for the projectile to hit him, a million musings hurried through Carter’s head, however is felt the hot fire in his chest and the dimness shutting in, one superseded them all. He had carried out his responsibility. He gazed toward Schaefer and saw the lament in his face at what he had quite recently done. â€Å"Protect and serve,† he murmured at last, and shut his eyes. Piece Questions 1. Which task choice did you pick? I picked the inclusion of occurrence/scene; 1. (I) Describe the setting(s) (ii) How is the setting made critical? The story is set, generally, in the room of an old stockroom. The setting is huge on the grounds that it is extremely discrete from the remainder of the world, much the same as to Amish and the degenerate police power. 1. Portray the character(s) †close to three fundamental characters (exhort a couple of characters) by: 1. Sergeant Carter 1. Authorial portrayal: a noteworthy cop who is hoping to ensure and serve the guiltless and protect anybody against the defilement of the police 2. Exchange: Carter’s discourse will uncover that he is a confident, certain police officer who will stand up for what he has faith in 3. Activity and communication: the manner in which Carter acts when he is caught will show that his is brave is the face a risk and will effectively satisfy his obligation. 4. Different characters assessments of the individual: The discussion among Book and Carter shows that Book confides in his accomplice entire heartedly even with the whereabouts of his concealing spot. Paul Schaefer then again regards Carter’s respectability and yet hates him for th

The Travels of Marco Polo Free Essays

It was in 1254 when Maffeo Polo, a rich Venetian shipper, and his colleague sibling Niccolo Polo were occupied with an excursion outside Venice, Italy for exchanging Constantinople and Far East.â Traveling on a Silk Road was a long sail, sufficient for dealers like them.â However, as they arranged returning home utilizing a similar course, they were caught by the common war among Hulagu and his adversary cousin Barka in Bukhara, and accordingly choose to utilize an eastbound course in spite of the fact that it was new to them. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Travels of Marco Polo or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now There they meet a minister of Hulago who turned into an instrument of the gathering between the Polos and the incredible ruler as the last was energized meeting a Latin for the first time.â The Polos were treated with high regard particularly when the head found out about the Catholic faith.â He sent off the Polos to return home and request that the Holy See send 100 instructors and educate Khan’s residents become Christians.â However, the demise of Pope Clement IV made the Polos abandoned again yet this time in Acre, Italy, year 1269. The College of Cardinals’ blessing of another Pope occurred in the late 1271.â Handling endowments and letters from Pope Gregory X (Teobaldo) of Piacenza, Polo siblings cruised themselves off once more, with two monks and Niccolo’s 17-year old child Marco Polo.â Reaching the combat area, the two ministers were disheartened and reluctant to proceed with the excursion with the group.â The mission that was initially entrusted to as far as anyone knows 100 instructors was forcedly fall exclusively to Marco Polo.â This was the start of the latter’s significant excursion to Asia, portions of Africa and Europe. Long after Marco Polo’s travel and ventures to Asia, he had the option to summarize his records in a book composed by him with the assistance of his sentimentalist essayist companion Rusticiano de Pisa.â It has the full documentation of Marco, accounted perseveringly in four sections and given the title The Description of the World a.k.a. The Travels of Marco Polo.. Marco Polo’s Travel Account on the Silk Road Center East and Central Asia On their three and a half long periods of excursion in the Silk Road, Marco had a lot of orderly perceptions from Middle Easter’s custom, strict practices, conventions, food, food arrangements, history, atmosphere, topographical, and normal assets to having an interest on human advancements, clans and delightful Persian ladies, which Marco communicated in his unique words as â€Å"a attractive race, particularly the ladies, who, as I would like to think, are the most wonderful in the world.† The gathering cruised from Laias port to Armenia until they arrived at the Persian Gulf.â From Homurz to Kerman, passing Herat, Balkh, Badakhshan, they had the option to jump on Pamir, a level among Afghanistan and Tibet, and portrayed as the most noteworthy spot on earth.â They exchanged with Tibetan Buddhists in Campichu. China (Cathay) and Kubilai Khan’s court As arranged, the gathering arrived at their goal in Kublai Khan’s court, which is situated in Shangtu, very nearly 200 miles from Peking to convey the oil as Pope Gregory X’s blessing to the emperor.â Marco Polo watched Kublai Khan’s amazing living as sovereignty and aristocrat with insight influence, riches and skill.â He found how Chinese give significance in record-keeping, banquets and celebrations, and wondrous developments, for example, financial frameworks utilizing stamp, paper and wood as cash, actually running man as express courier, fine roadways, and the utilization of â€Å"black stone† or coal for fuel.â He communicated his commendations in his line â€Å"To this city everything that is generally uncommon and important in all pieces of the world discovers its way.† East Coast: Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa The familiarity of Marco Polo in four unique dialects made the Polos envoy of Khan Empire in some countries.â simultaneously, Kublai Khan was effectively vanquished the entire of China.â The Polos were permitted to return home in Venice with 600 crewmembers, which for the most part didn't endure accepting that some were suffocated, some were lost in tempests, and some were kicked the bucket because of some threatening sicknesses. There they experienced audacious goes as they cruised south from Vietnam to Indochina.â He likewise made excellent records of the spot, for example, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Siberia, Ethiopia, and the coast and islands of the Indian Sea.â On his records, he despite everything conceded having this line, â€Å"I have just told the half of what I saw!† Wars and the Northern Region While in transit, the gathering heard the tragic news that the incomparable Mongolian head and winner of China Kublai Khan is as of now dead.â Afterwhich, they showed up in their country Venice in 1295.â Soon after their appearance, Marco Polo was occupied with a war against Genoa, which happened to be the most troublesome adversary of Venice’s maritime trading.â Marco Polo was imprisoned.â He begun his narrating and afterward set up it as a written record afterwards.â He plainly gave accentuated his commendations as he was intrigued in the Chinese human progress under Mongol decision. He closed his book with this clarification, â€Å"I accept that it was God’s delight that we ought to get back all together that individuals may find out about the things that the world contains. Much obliged be to God! So be it! Amen!† Investigation and Conclusion Marco Polo isn't only a renowned explorer and a relative of Venetian shipper during their times.â He could be called anthropologists.â Based on his incredible records going to the Silk Route or Silk Road, he made exhaustive data about the topographical course, however generally its significant and intriguing subtleties, which made his movement story a travelog. He had the option to instruct his perusers in his age and even up to this cutting edge era.â His book was not just about Chinese progress, Mongolian wars and Kublai Khan’s Empire despite the fact that his most extreme impression with it was given full attention.â Furthermore, he gave center around certain realities in Asia and its kin; how they were vary from one another, Christianity just as different strict conviction and practices, etc.â He additionally oversaw finishing his archive without offering any one-sided expressions. This is the incongruity, exchanging as the essential objective of the Polos during their excursion in the Silk Road was given adequate support in the book in light of the fact that at long last, exchanging fills in as the fundamental explanation of the extraordinary voyager Marco Polo’s imprisonment in Genoa. R E F E R E N C E Latham, Ronald. The Travels of Marco Polo. New York: Penguin, 1958. Instructions to refer to The Travels of Marco Polo, Essay models

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5 Persistent Myths About Social Anxiety Disorder

5 Persistent Myths About Social Anxiety Disorder Social anxiety is a common psychological problem, but it is not well understood by the general public and even by some professionals. People who experience social anxiety feel as though they are being judged and evaluated when they are in social and performance situations. Although they know that the anxiety and fear that they feel is unwarranted, controlling or preventing the anxiety seems impossible. If you always experience social anxiety when you are around other people, it can become very difficult to ever relax and be yourself around others. When it feels like everyone is judging you, it sometimes seems easier just to avoid social situations altogether. Often people who experience severe social anxiety believe that they are the only people in the world with the problem, and they do not tell anyone. If you believe that you may have social anxiety, this article will help you to understand some of the myths about this type of fear and make a decision about getting help for your problem. Myth #1: Social Anxiety Isnt That Common Fact: Social anxiety is experienced by most people at some point in their lives. Whether it was during a speech that they gave in high school, or when going for their first job interview, everyone gets butterflies once in a while. Between 2% and 13% of the population is thought to have social anxiety to the point that it would be considered social anxiety disorder (SAD). Myth #2: Social Anxiety Only Refers to Public Speaking Fears Fact: Social anxiety refers to anxiety and fear in many different social and performance situations. These may include formal events, such as public speaking and performing; informal speaking and interaction, such as meeting strangers or going to a party; difficult situations, such as expressing disagreement; and everyday events, such as eating in front of others. The common thread among each of these triggers is that there is the potential of being evaluated. Tips for Managing Public Speaking Anxiety Myth #3: Social Anxiety Just Means That You Feel Nervous Fact: Social anxiety brings with it a collection of symptoms, only one of which is a feeling of nervousness. If you suffer from social anxiety you will experience cognitive (thinking) problems, somatic (physical) problems, behavioral problems, and effective (emotional) problems. For example, when meeting a stranger for the first time you might think to yourself: She must be able to tell that Im a poor conversationalist. Your hands might start to shake, you may feel like escaping the situation, and even feel hopeless about ever doing well socially. Myth #4: Social Anxiety and Shyness Are the Same Things Fact: Although social anxiety and shyness are very similar, they are not the same thing. Social anxiety involves feelings of fear about social or performance situations, but it does not always involve the avoidance of, or withdrawal from, these situations. Some people may appear to be very outgoing,  but on the inside, they are terribly anxious and simply very good at hiding their feelings. In contrast, those who are shy tend to withdraw from or avoid social contact because of feelings of social anxiety. People who are shy always experience social anxiety, but those with social anxiety may not always act shy. Myth #5: Social Anxiety Is a Problem That You Just Have to Learn to Live With Fact: Some people experience such terrible social anxiety on a daily basis that they cant work or even leave the house. Others function well in general but have a specific fear that gets in the way of achieving goals, such as a fear of public speaking. Neither situation is hopeless or something that has to be lived with. With effective treatment such as medication or cognitive-behavioral therapy, everyone has the potential to live life without social fears. Activities to Help You Manage Social Anxiety

Thursday, June 25, 2020

SAT Math Multiple Choice Strategies

So far, we’ve covered multiple choice strategies in SAT Reading and Writing. Today, we’re going to look at strategies for choosing the correct answers in SAT Math. Although the SAT Math section contains some â€Å"grid-in† questions where test-takers calculate the answer themselves, the majority of SAT Math questions are multiple choice. Like the rest of the SAT, selecting the correct multiple-choice comes down to three strategic skills: properly interpreting the information presented, understanding key vocabulary words, and following the correct processes and logic behind each question. On SAT Math, comprehension of information and vocabulary go hand-hand-in-hand when it comes to multiple choice strategy. In fact, data interpretation and vocabulary use are so closely related that you can often use them together on the same problem. Let’s look at one example SAT Math question below: Which of the following graphs best shows a weak positive association between x and y? (A) (B) (C) (D) The correct answer choice above is (D). In order to know that, you need to know the meaning of the vocabulary phrase weak positive association. In this math context an â€Å"association† is a relationship between two variables in terms of how they intersect with each other at different points on a graph. â€Å"Positive† refers to an association where when one variable increases the other also does, so that the intersecting points between the variables move upward on a xy plane. â€Å"Weak† means that there are a number of coordinates that don’t follow the upward pattern very closely, so that the scatterplot will resemble a broad cluster of points going upward on the axes, not a thin, straight upward line between x and y. Knowing the meaning of weak positive association can help you get to (D) as the correct answer. However, it takes more than just vocabulary knowledge to answer a question like this correctly on the SAT. You also need real fluency in reading information, so that you can identify what you’re looking at quickly with little risk of mistake. This means you must be proficient at reading tables, charts, graphs, and, in the case of this style of SAT math problem, scatterplots. For this particular problem, you must be very good at visually differentiating between strong positive (A), weak negative (B), no correlation (C), and weak positive (D). If you’re not able to read scatterplots quickly and accurately, you could still miss the correct answer even if you understood the vocabulary. By knowing the relevant vocabulary and understanding the data given in a problem, you can always eliminate the answers that aren’t reflected in the data or don’t match the meaning of the key words. Vocabulary and data skills are especially important in the section of SAT Math that allows you to use a calculator. Very often, Math-Calculator section problems will trick you into focusing on the calculation process when in fact the problem can be solved much more quickly with simple comprehension strategies. Ultimately, a strategic focus on information and math vocabulary can serve you well in both math sections on the new SAT. Understanding the processes and logic behind math is also quite important across the two New SAT math sections. In my next post on multiple choice strategy, we’ll look at multiple choice strategies that rely on math processes and mathematical logic.